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Testimonials (from Karachi) ...but we'll be doing the same for you now!

 Greatly appreciated! All required info at your fingertips. Most reliable informative site of Pakistan...... simply the BEST!

 I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! My fiancé visits often from Canada and I always have a list ready of snob specials and restaurants! God bless you all!!

 Love Karachisnob! I live in Norway and through the media we only get bad news from Pakistan. But finding a site like this makes my heart warm that Pakistan is really a jewel, and makes me wanna visit Pakistan right away. Haven't been there since 2001, and for each year passing by, I feel more and more longing to visit Pakistan.

 The folks from Karachi Snob seem to be the most level headed, organized and focused group of professionals in the whole portal business. They operate Pakistan’s coolest business directory and they do it with style. They don’t list just any business but the best ones only – it is after all Karachi Snob, right? This is the sort of website you show off to your friends when you travel abroad. Just to prove that you come from a normal country. (thanks Scoop.com.pk)

 I'm a doctor from Karachi and an avid visitor of your website. Love dining out and shopping with friends. I've been longing to write to you regarding the number of people I have asked to visit your site and how much it helped me and so many of my friends to find what they needed, whether it was a restaurant address or finding a phone number to book an appointment with their favorite beautician. It's always been great help. Thanks for everything.

 First, let me commend you on a fabulous website that you maintain. Being a Karachiite to the very core myself, I love to see what is going on there, now that I have moved to Canada for college. But it does give me a good list of places to hit in the summers! I would also like to be put on your mailing list, and would want to receive updates about events happening in the city.

 Thank you. You made life so easy for people like us who are thousands of miles away from home. Thanks Again.

 Excellent stuff and very updated information, both of these are rare in our part of the world.

 I am a resident of USA and would like subscribe to your newsletter. Amazing job done!!!!

 Great website!! Good job!!

 Hi friends.. I have to say... EXCELLENT WEBSITE! This is ALOT of hard work and research! I really got the best of karachi with your website.

 Thank you sooo much! :) I love Karachi Snob.

 Dear KarachiSnob.com, I saw your advertisement in DAWN and decided to take a look, expecting to get a real good laugh at seeing a pretentious site appealing to third-world socialites, with text that is a far cry from coherent English. Happily, I admit that my expectations were not met, and that the site turned out to be a well organized, informative, and user-friendly tool, and I am sure Karachiites and visitors, snobbish or not, will agree. Congratulations on a job well done and I encourage you to keep up the great work. Take care, and again, Congratulations on a successful site.

 Congratulations on a great site! Its invaluable for us when deciding where to eat out or just browse for cool new places in Karachi.

 I was recommended to your website by a friend and I think it is great. Very informative and I absolutely love the look of it as well. Proper snob!!! A very good insight on the happening places in Karachi, I was impressed by the number of sections in it. You guys have thought of almost everything. Once again thanks for setting this wonderful site up and I will definitely use it for future trips to my beloved city.

 Hello Snob, Please accept our most sincere congrats on starting this website. It was much needed by the likes of us who live abroad and on our annual visit to Karachi, which is normally only a couple of weeks, do not have enough time to search around for good quality shopping, eating etc.

 First off, complements on a wonderful website maintained with useful information and hard work put in...

 Awesome, AWESOME work guys!! Heaven for anyone who wants to enjoy the "finer" things in life... AND KARACHI! 

 Just saw your website and I am very impressed. Its hard to believe that there are such nice places to visit in Karachi now. I was born and raised there and have been out of Pakistan for the last 15 years now, but visit every couple of years. Great website.

 Hi, Lovely website. Very professional and very thorough. Its helped me loads recently - am in Karachi for the next 2 days - and have planned iftari tonight thanks to you. My congrats to the team!

 You have done an incredible job with your karachisnob website. It provides perfect information. Thank you for providing an awesome solution to us entertainment hungry Karachites.

 Hats off.... nice effort ..team Karachisnob! 

 Best website about life in Karachi. Simply the best. Made me homesick.

 (from a Canadian website) In response to "Not really accurate" Have you been to any major city in Pakistan? On what basis can you state how rare of a case this is? Let me guess, you've probably watched a few documentaries, read a few books and now feel you know all about South Asian women. Newsflash for you: What you see on the news is not entirely a reflection of reality. Tribal areas are afflicted with these social problems but there are women in cities living the life described in the article. To get a taste of glamorous city life visit www.karachisnob.com (Yeah this is what CNN/CBC/NBC did not consider newsworthy)

 Hey guys! You guys are doing an excellent job by giving karachiites the information portal about their city. Please add me to your mailing list so that i can receive the latest updates and know what's new in my town. Ciao!

 Great job you're doing and there's no doubt people are loving this website every day. I'd like to be added in your newsletter listing. Thanks.

 I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful site. It is a really helpful guide not only for the foreigners living in Karachi but also the citizens of this great city.

 Great Job guys. Your website is certainly one of my favorite ones in town. Loved the simple layout stuffed with information. Please add me to your mailing list. Wishing you all the best and once again hats off to a job well done.

 I have been residing in Karachi since the past 2 years and your directory is an eye opener for people like me who think there is nothing to do here. I find your website very helpful, and would love to help out in whatever way i can.

 Dear Karachi Snobs Team, I am visiting Karachi from Dubai after a gap of two years. Thanks to your website that made my stay very informative and comfortable. I really love your website and I hope you will continue updating your website this way in the future. Wish your team the best of luck and please continue to make us Overseas Pakistanis proud.

 First of all, great site. I mean great site. I live in Dubai and although I love drinking sugarcane juice by the side of the street when I visit Karachi, I really do feel like lavishing my friends and family with good trips out to restaurants etc. Your site is going to really help I see, because I have been to some of the places you have listed, and they are excellent, so I can't wait to try out the rest. I do have a question however. I am looking for designer suits (Boss, Givenchy, Canali etc.) for my sister's wedding. I would love to get some specific names from you of places I definitely have to hit on my hunt. It would really help me out since your list is extensive and my time frame is barely a day long before the festivities begin. Please help.

 That's a great site you have there. My girlfriend's here these days from Monaco, and she's a frequent visitor - comes to Pakistan around twice a year. She loves it too. Great effort. I hope the quality remains consistent. Please add me to your mailing list so I can be up to date with the latest. 

 Its great to see a professionally run directory service which emphasizes customer satisfaction based on personal experience.

 First of all, congratulations on putting together a first of its kind and impressive website that pulls together pretty much everything a Karachi Snob could want to eat, shop and do in Karachi. The website is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. I live in the US and while visiting Karachi was able to find everything I was looking for. I rarely come across such a well-thought out product in Pakistan. 

 Dear Sir, Firstly, please let me congratulate you and your team for coming up with such an excellent website – it has truly been a lifesaver when trying to find out telephone numbers of restaurants and other shops. I would now like to introduce myself, my name is -------, and I am Chief Operating Officer at a company called Maple Leaf (Pvt) Limited. We are the authorized franchisee for Lacoste, which is located at the Forum (and is mentioned on your website). Additionally, we also have Studio S (the Shamsheer store is mentioned on the website as well). I am interested in having our other Studio S outlets mentioned on your website…

You guys are life savers seriously. Yesterday we went to Thyme for the first time after checking it out on your site and the place rocked! The food was really nice and so was the dessert. So Thank you for making our valentines perfect. I am very impressed with the prompt response and the recurrently updated information on the site. Anyways hope you carry on with your excellent work. 

Just wanted to take some time out and congratulate you on the fantastic job you guys are doing with the website... I must say I am very impressed. My family owns Afghan Carpet and Kundun (gladly both of them are listed on your site!)...

Moving from Zurich to Karachi was a massive task. Adjusting or rather adapting to Karachi was an even harder task. In the two years living in Karachi, I have never come across a website that caters to expats or new karachites. Two months ago, I stumbled across KarachiSnob.com whilst searching online for a restaurant number to make reservations. I was intrigued and impressed by the design. No Flash, No Pop-ups, No useless advertisements based on my location! Clean, simple, one-click and you get what you want. Finally someone has developed and maintained a portal that truly covers the exciting, quality locations in Karachi. I've tested this site for two months, its continuing to exceed expectations. Keep up the good work and keep it simple.

 Greetings! It was indeed a pleasure to browse your website. What a tasteful collection! I was looking for a restaurant and yours was the only site to list it. Couldn't find their website.

I just wanted to add that your site is a welcome relief to expatriates such as myself, who visit Pakistan on a frequent basis. I can see from your listings that you have wisely selected the creme de la creme – interestingly there are places that I will now probably visit due to your recommendations. A job well done and keep the good work going!

 Best website ever !! 

You guys have done a great job.

Thanks for having such a great site! So much for people always complaining that there's nothing to do in this city. Here's to our city of lights!!

Dear Sir/Madam, First of all, let me just say that your site is great!  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Suggestion: perhaps you could include some maps of the city of Karachi to better guide foreigners.

Nice to see a site that actually has some useful and updated information for visitors who come to Karachi and not have to hunt very far and wide for contact listings. Though if I may suggest that the lovely photos that are uploaded along with the menu on the left, have some caption to them? For example, on the home page there are nicely taken images of dining room with the pastries image below it. Where the picture is of which location and where the pastries are from, which bakery. Thanks!

I landed up on (www.karachisnob.com) while searching for restaurants in Karachi, and ended up spending quite some time on your website, which I must admit is a great effort.

Hello Karachi Snob. I live in London and visit Karachi several times a year. Your site is a very refreshing addition to life in Karachi. Well done......... Thanks for lending your snobbish ear.

Very useful website, clean layout and web design.

'Good Taste Required' reads the tagline of this new website resource dedicated to listing the best the city has to offer. Came across it while searching for restaurants and it has a very decent selection of places. Could use some Web 2.0 style features, such as commenting and photo uploading, but overall, a very nice resource. Add your own places using the Suggest A Listing feature.

I'm impressed. They have Bread People listed in there.

It’s an amazing site, very informative.

Nice find,,, website made me smile.

Restaurant list is gr8.

First: I really appreciate your effort behind this website. This is GREAT, and is something that Karachi desperately requires. Now, me and my wife have a habit of eating out.... and like to try every new place in Karachi. All the best, and thanks again for a fabulous idea.

Your page karachisnob.com is excellent & my friends & I here in Karachi really appreciate the work that you are doing.

I have visited your web site, its an amazing research / compilation work done.

I was told about this website by a client of mine, and since then, this is where I come to get the numbers I need to contact places and get directed.




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